Magic, fairytales and drama on stage in new Stantonbury season

Stantonbury Theatre'˜s new season is swimming in on-stage temptations, whether your passion is drama, comedy, dance or family fun.

Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 3:48 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 4:50 pm
Story-teller Andy Lawrence, from the Theatre of Widdershins, is pictured alongside some of the characters from Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom. Picture: Jane Barlow

Things begin with Once Upon a Time (September 4).

Meet Beatrix Potter as she tells her very first tale of Peter Rabbit in this enchanting story delivered by Quantum Theatre, and timed specifically to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix.

It’s a perfect slice of theatre fun for all aged three years and above.

If your little ‘uns loved Aliens in Underpants, they’ll also love Monstersaurus (September 11) , which is delivered by the same team.

Follow young inventor Monty as he creates a whole world of whacky inventions and incredible monsters.

The only thing is, now he has made them, how will he get rid of them?

Thrills, spills, magic and mayhem will delight in this show which is fuelled by audience participation.

Time travelling magic duo Morgan and West present an incredible show chock full of jaw-dropping, brain-bursting, gasp-eliciting feats of magic on September 17.

The dashing chaps offer up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small amount of panache.

Theatre of Widdershins present their take on the classic story that not even an award-winning shampoo company could undo – Tangled (Oct 8) which is good to go for all aged four years and up.

It’s bad enough having a bad hair day but pity poor Rapunzel spending her life in a tower with some strange woman using her locks as a step ladder! What sort of damage is that going to do to your crowning glory?

Multi-award-winning performer and storyteller Danyah Miller vividly brings to life another enchanting tale by Michael Morpurgo with Why The Whales Came (Oct 18) and there are many more child friendly opportunities – including High School Musical, Dotty the Dragon and Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs.

Comedy fans will be tickled pink by the 50th anniversary tour of Round the Horne (October 20) and A Christmas Carol (November 29) and if svelte bodies making marvellous movement is your thing, you’ll not want to miss Detox by the Pagrav Dance Company (September 28) or Austerity the Musical, showing on November 4 and 5.

Drama fans will be sated too with A Journey’s End also featuring in the new season.

This is a harrowing insight into the humanity of the First World War based on R. C. Sherriff’s own experiences in the trenches. Utterly compelling, this award-winning classic masterfully brings the courage, valour, humour and inescapable tragedy of warfare to the stage. A must see.

And what of Mary Shelley’s Gothic horror masterpiece Frankenstein?

A new production fusing ensemble storytelling, live music and stunning theatricality arrives on November 22.

From the artistic team behind Blackeyed Theatre’s hugely successful 2013 production of Dracula, Frankenstein promises a fresh, exciting take on what is widely considered to be a landmark work of romantic, gothic and science fiction literature.

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