Music around MK: your guide to the week ahead

From '90s favourites to bewitching and thought-provoking sounds, there's plenty going on...

Tuesday, 30th May 2017, 5:04 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:49 pm
Jesus Jones sold millions of records either side of the Atlantic at the peak of their fame

Jesus JonesThe Craufurd Arms, June 3There aren’t many bands who can claim the same line-up after 30 years together. But Jesus Jones - coming to Milton Keynes courtesy of The Pad Presents team - can. Their visit isn’t part of any reunion though, ‘cause they never split in the first place: “There were no musical differences, no acrimonious breakup,” promises keyboard player Iain Baker.“No burnt bridges to repair, nothing like that at all - we’ve always been together.” Their history is rich with cool credits too - from supporting INXS at Wembley Stadium, to hitting up the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival and there’s a Grammy nomination in there somewhere, too. This isn’t just a tour to relive the past, mind you - they are moving forward with a new album, Passages, to promote. Get ready to bend your ears to the new

Brian Poole & The TremeloesThe Stables, June 2It is 54 years since Brian Poole &TT recorded their first hit. How ridiculous is that?And the fellas are still lapping it up in the live - hence their return to Brian’s local haunt this Friday night.The group Vanity Fare will join them to run through smashes like Silence is Golden and Twist and

Ben WatersThe Stables, June 1The last time we saw Ben Waters & co at The Stables, some fella called Charlie Watts was sitting at the drum stool. We don’t know who they will have in place this time around, but we do know that their boogie-woogie deliveries are tip-top. Don’t miss out, hurry along and you can still make it

SlydigsThe Craufurd Arms, June 5Hailing from Britain’s North-West, Slydigs are a charismatic four-piece leading the rebirth of rock and roll, bringing a fierce modern edge to a classic sound.With a style depicting the disillusionment of modern day life, they’ve been picking up fans with ease - and have recently been on the road with The

Thea GilmoreThe Stables, June 5Thea is taking the spotlight in support of her new album The Counterweight, which shows the lass at her musical best. This newbie disc is as ethereal as it is thought-provoking, and as bewitching as it is bold. Rare honesty and insight comes as standard with her

Xylouris WhiteMK Gallery, June 1A collaboration between Cretan lute player George Xylouris and Jim White, founding member of The Dirty Three. Their most recent release, Black Peak, sees the duo expand their rich and inventive instrumental playing and further foreground Xylouris’ haunting baritone

Sunset LoungeNewport Pagnell, June 3A tasty whipped up billing bringing together folk and jazz, and you’ll need to get comfortable for this show, with four artists playing their wares. Settle back and let Jausme, Jess Woodhouse, Wednesday’s Wolves and Jasmine Burns take turns in the