Punk by very catchy numbers!

How about a crash introduction to Crash Induction, for those of you who have yet to meet their pop-punk acquaintance?

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 6:00 am
Crash Induction

The Wolverton-dwelling quartet have been active in pubs (not only drinking, but also playing) for the past few years now.

Largely known for their party-covers of the punked-up side, the boys have just issued a new E.P Work Sirens which is new in every sense, because the four-tracks are self-penned.

As for the title track?

That came about following local events.

“It was inspired after witnessing the silencing of Wolverton of Armistice Day morning when the Works Sirens sounded out across the town,” says singer and rhythm guitarist Neil Harrison, known to his pals as Crazy.

As with each of the four tracks, it’s punk by very catchy number, guaranteed to get the floor bouncing.

When they aren’t hitting the hard stuff (musically speaking), three quarters of Crash Induction work in the NHS which explains the name, and the medically suss fellas are guaranteed to leave you feeling just swell after one of their shows too.

Stick July 3 in your diary, when the band will be playing ‘It’s On The Square’ in Wolverton and go pay ‘em a visit at www.facebook.com/CrashInduction