Silliness to knock the stuffing out of

Silly Band wrap up their UK tour at The Craufurd Arms tomorrow night.

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 6:30 am
Padding Needed

Now there’s a name that says what it is on the tin, so to speak.

‘We like to party! We bring a tasty stage show to every gig and we’re the most kick-ass band you can see!

“You haven’t lived until you have joined a Space Hopper wall of death with Silly Band!,” they both promise and invite.

Influenced by those aforementioned hoppers, they also share a love of Gwar (we’re with you there, silly people), pasta-based food and Tenacious D.

If you want to engage, you want to get along to the Wolverton venue nice and early – support is coming from Padding Needed, Northampton pop-punkers with a comedy edge and a penchant for pillows...they bought a heap of the head supports so that you can engage in their ‘signature’ move – a massive mid-set mosh-pit pillow fight.

A mix of original and covers will fill your ears when they take the stage.

The Young and Restless will open the bill and admission is a fiver.

Go knock your stuffing out, or summat like that.

Return on Sunday night though, when you can spend the evening watching New York’s self-titled ‘mad-men’ Patent Pending.

The quintet has just issued a video for their new single, Six Feet, which features on the current album, Riot Hearts Rebellion.

“This video holds a lot of meaning for me,” says singer Joe Ragosta.

“I’d been having a terrible year. I spent two full months just wasting away being miserable.

“I was depressed and just down on myself and I was letting the negative side of everything win,” he said.

“Diving deeper into this song and making this music video reminded me why I love making music and why I started this band in the first place...this video is the story of the greatest battle that anyone chasing a dream has to fight. The battle against their own self-doubt.”

Patent Pending are for anyone seeking out a ‘psychotically fun and dramatically moving’ gig this weekend. Fearless and eclectic, the Long Island dwellers are yours in exchange for the £12 ticket fee. And go check in online if you fancy taking a look, and a listen, to that aforementioned video.