Sweeten up your Saturday

Milton Keynes-based Sugarpill are live at The Cannon Music Lounge this Saturday night.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 8:51 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:07 pm

The band made its live debut a couple of months back at Stony gig spot The Fox & Hounds and have an EP doing the rounds to back up the live stuff.

Title track Miles Away is an easy pop-rock country gatherer with plenty of potential, and good vocals courtesy of Tanya K.

Worth checking in with, this show will be, but with space limited, get along early doors or risk being turned away, tail between your legs.

Admission is £3, doors at 7.30pm.

> There was no time for birthday hangovers to throw the good people at Forest Folk and Roots off their game – as soon as the first anniversary celebrations were done with last month, they were straight back at work with

more good stuff to sort.

And this month they are showcasing Bedfordshire’s own My Girl The River.

Kris Wilkinson Hughes, originally from Louisiana, and English bassist Joe Hughes are the creative force at play here.

‘Kris has a voice like sugared espresso, low and evocative with a sweet aftertaste and her eloquently confessional lyrics hit you right in the heart,’ declared one fan.

That’s a different sort of caffeine boost, right there.

The debut album This Ain’t No Fairytale is out now and boasts anecdotes, half-truths, white lies and fables – inspired in the main by Kris’ time spent growing up in the deep south.

So far as the sounds go, you are talking alt-country through to folk, America and roots.

A little something to suit plenty of musical palates, and it’s music that has been created with fairy dust and magic, we are assured.

They visit the FF&R base – at The College Arms Bar in Cranfield tomorrow – direct from a date at the Isle of Wight Festival, and prior to heading out on a Stateside tour.

Doors at 7.30pm, tickets £10.