Theatre in MK: what's coming up

Some of the big shows heading our way...

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 5:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 6:10 pm
Young performers preparing for Fame

Fame, The Musical,

MK Theatre, August 5 & 6

Enjoy performances by MK Theatre’s popular youth musical theatre project, Stage Experience. Rachael Hutchinson, creative learning manager at MK Theatre and project manager for stage experience, said: “The show is set in a specialist performing arts school, which I think a lot of our young cast ultimately aspire and dream of attending themselves. “The show has got a large number of fantastic principal roles and lots of ensemble numbers in it so the whole cast are enjoying appearing in lots of the show and group numbers – they haven’t had much time to rest at all!

“It’s also a show that most of our young cast have heard of, seen before or know songs from so can easily relate to.” This is the fourth Stage Experience production produced by the venue.

“Every show we have created so far has completely exceeded our expectations in terms of the talent and maturity our young cast have displayed,” Rachael said.

“ Feedback we’ve had from previous productions has been that our shows are as good as professional productions that people have watched on our theatre stage.

“We hire a professional set, feature a live orchestra and seriously talented young people. Why not give it a go?”


November 22, Stantonbury Theatre

A brand new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic horror masterpiece fusing ensemble storytelling, live music and stunning theatricality. Frankenstein promises a fresh, exciting take on what is widely considered to be a landmark work of romantic, gothic and science fiction literature.

Puppetry of the Penis

Northampton Derngate, October 7

Most of the Western World has played host to Puppetry of the Penis – it has played to millions of people in more than 35 countries and five languages. The idea for this different sort of puppetry belonged to comedy producer Simon Morley, who teamed with fellow puppeteer David Friend and set about their blush-inducing shape-making. That was a long time in the past, of course, and since then, they’ve conquered far and wide. In London’s West End , a six-month run saw celebrities including the Beckhams, Elton John and Hugh Grant in the audience, and they enjoyed two years of bendiness in New York. If you don’t blush easily and want a show that will give you the giggles, Puppetry of the Penis is a cracking way to bring some colour to your cheeks, and it’ll be a hot ticket, so book

Orion and the Dark

October 15, Stantonbury Theatre

Orion is scared of more or less everything.

He’s terrified of wasps and monsters, afraid of sheds and storms, panicked by spiders and fearful of heights but there is one thing that scares him more than anything else. Most of all he’s scared of... the dark!

Join Orion as he faces his biggest fear.

Ned Boulting’s Bikeology

Northampton Derngate, November 15

Journalist, television presenter and best-selling author Ned Boulting presents an honest, self-effacing walk through the world of Bikeology. What drives the cyclist to such ecstasies of endurance? And what on earth is a derailleur? Check in and find out.

Adult Acting Masterclass

Oct 27, MK Theatre

Corporeal Mime is a contemporary art form. The aim is to take the body as a way of expressing internal emotions ‘making the invisible visible’, allowing the actor to show thought through movement. Explore techniques of the practice.

No previous acting experience is necessary.