Time to get in a spin

It's a big weekend for supporting our own at live shows in support of new releases, so cancel that visit to the relatives, forget the overtime and go grab a beer and indulge.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 6:00 am

Rusty G’s have just issued their debut album, and to support Low they’ve a slew of live shows for you, including one at The Craufurd Arms this Friday evening.

“We wanted the album to be a representation of what we are like live,” James told City Nights, “but we also wanted to experiment a little, so there is a little bit of different instrumentation going on too, which we feel keeps the album fresh.”

MK’s two-man rock attack have turned around a decent sounding slab of style that will serve them well while they build a fan base with a year of hard gigging.

Rusty Gs

Rusty G’s will take you through the album, track-by-track on this page next week, but first things first, and so to tomorrow’s show.

Support is coming from Rise Bailey Rise who will issue the final slice in his series of EPs, cunningly titled Four of Four, in May.

The four-tracker is currently being completed, but its creator Rich Patmore will be venturing out of the studio again on Saturday night when he’ll support Dan Walder, who is holding his own solo album launch under the Sunset Lounge banner at The Cannon in Newport Pagnell.

> Back to Friday (momentarily) though, and while Rusty G’s take on one part of the Craufurd Arms, Seven Hundreth Unicorn will take care of business on the other side.

Rusty Gs

Also a two-piece, the action is hard and full courtesy of guitarist Dave Lyon and drummer Matt Downes.

They’ve a hulk of a slab ready for you too; tomorrow sees the release of the debut album, Ruins of Hope.

Click online and search for their current single Time Waits For No One, but if you like Mastodon, Sabbath and Isis, the same beasts that these guys look to for inspiration, you’ll be well catered for.

On Saturday night Sean Grant & the Wolfgang will take the reins at the venue in support of their new EP 7 Deadly 7.

The release is out via the credible Fierce Panda label and is the best of the band to date, and the reviews are pukka too.

It’s an emotive release – one that investigates creation and love, and looks at temptation and desire, and frustration and desperation.

“It’s a beast of a world and this is a group of songs trying to make sense of it and get through it,” Sean says.

An all-sterling release it is, but the track currently thumping wth regularity from our music box is Take a Man’s Body.

But what about the title track, 7 Deadly 7?

“It draws on experiences from school and church,” Sean says, “I grew up around religion, but sitting outside of it looking in, trying to make sense of it all.

“It’s a dilemma, mainly as my mother is a born again Christian and my father is an atheist, so I was given both views.

“‘7 Deadly 7’ isn’t saying which is right or wrong, it’s an observation of a man who is looking for peace and quiet to fall into and take hold of him.”

Saturday’s show won’t give you peace and quiet, but it will be a perfect opportunity to check in with the boys and their folkpunk fury at their most taut.

Woe betide anyone who dares to say that MK’s music scene is floundering.

Flourishing is the word of choice.