Virtual music event launched to improve mental health in Milton Keynes

A series of 12 sessions have been confirmed designed to help you listen and appreciate music in new ways.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 11:38 am

Starting 30 April, Music4Mindfulness, begins a 12-week series in the borough.

Organised by Alina Orchestra and Arts for Health Milton Keynes, the aim is to improve people's mental health and physical wellbeing through classical music.

The first session will begin at 10am, each week a theme will be picked and an excerpt of classical music will be chosen based around that.

Music4Mindfulness begins on April 30

The music will be introduced by Alina’s Musical Director, Hilary Davan Wetton. Following the musical introduction, Outreach Leader, Anna Sideris, will provide participants with breathing and mindfulness techniques based around the music chosen. Then, listen to the music.

Participants will be encouraged to develop their listening skills by enjoying a wide variety of specially chosen pieces through expert listening guides. Participants are encouraged to join in all 12 sessions, but new members can join at any point. Each video will last around 20 minutes.

A spokesperson for the event stated: "By the end of the programme, users will have broadened their knowledge base and be inspired to listen to classical music in new and different ways. These skills can be utilised post-project alongside techniques to help you with any physical and mental health issues by using music and breathing.

"The therapeutic benefits of listening to music in this way include calming anxiety, easing pain, boosting the immune system and lifting moods. You will also learn about classical music with extra listening recommendations that we suggest along the way."