Watch: Victim of horrific Milton Keynes knife attack makes song about his ordeal

A young Subway worker who was beaten to a pulp by a gang of four boys has penned a song about his ordeal.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 10:11 am
Ben's face after the attack

Ben Pearson, 21, says he has struggled to regain his trust in people since the horrific attack, which left him off work for weeks.

“It happened 10 months ago but I am still jumpy when I am out in public,” he said.

“Despite this, I have turned the negative situation into a positive one by making music. I have grown so much by writing songs about how the beating I had taken from the thugs affected my mental health.”

Ben's face after the attack

One rap song, called It's Okay Not to be Okay - see the video at the top of the story - has been published on major channels such as Spotify and YouTube and is making a profit, said Ben.

I have gained a nice amount of recognition from my song in Milton Keynes,” he said.

“I want to spread positivity that anyone can achieve amazing things even if they have been through rough times. I have had people come to me in the past 10 months saying how I am an inspiration after the terrible event.”

Ben was working in Subway in Newport Pagnell in November last year when four youths came in and asked to use the toilet.

Ben Pearson

Ben explained the toilet was out of order and politely told them they had to buy something to sit down in the restaurant.

The thugs then followed him outside when he finished his shift, kicked him to the ground and slashed him in the face with a knife.

They then fled, leaving Ben unconscious and bleeding on the pavement. Afterwards he suffered blackouts.

He said: “I just want to carry on spreading the word about mental health and how it is ok to not be ok and even through tough times you are still capable of full filling your dreams.”

Ben now