A '˜yummy' night with G&S Society

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 7:30 am
The Mikado

If you want a production that will give you plenty in return for shelling out your hard-earned cash, check in with the Wolverton Gilbert & Sullivan Society this week coming.

They’ve got love, betrayal, deception and confusion by the bucketload in their new production of the Mikado.

And this classic tale is delivered to you with a modern twist: You’ll be transported to a 1990s fashion house in downtown Titipu, where Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner is at the heart of the action.

A tailor until he was caught flirting (a crime still punishable by death) he was reprieved at the last moment, on the condition that he take up the position of executioner.

So appalled were Titipu’s other leaders that they resigned, and Pooh-Bah was left to take on all their roles as Lord High-Everything-Else.

The two men struck up a deal allowing Ko-Ko to set up in fashion, despite knowing nothing about the industry!

He has a trio of interns to assist him: Pitti-Sing, Yum Yum and Peep-Bo.He is in love with his ward and has his sights on marrying her. But she is in love with Nanki-Poo who is the son of the Mikado and has run away from commitment to marry evil Katisha.

She is still determined to bag her man and is hot on his heel. When she is thwarted by Ko-Ko’s workers, she vows a vengeance most terrible and brings the Mikado to wreak revenge on the town.

Crikey, it’s got more grit and plot than an Xmas day episode of EastEnders!

The G&S classic shows at Stantonbury Campus Theatre from Tuesday with performances at the venue through to Saturday (March 19).

Showtime is 7.30pm and tickets are £16 for adults, a fiver (aged 16 years and under).

To book visit www.1stnight.co.uk/boxoffice.php or call 01908 510452.

Pic: Robert Skears