Artistic licence at crafty shows

The new exhibition at MK G has been pieced together by former MK dweller, Gareth Jones
The new exhibition at MK G has been pieced together by former MK dweller, Gareth Jones

LIKE art? Then you are going to LOVE the forthcoming days and week in the new city, because it isn’t spring flowers that are bursting out all over, but exhibitions, writes Sammy Jones.

We’ve got loads of them for you, as above and below...

MILTON Keynes is often slated by those folks whose only real experience of our new city is a glance at the platform of our train station en route to the capital.

Opinions are without basis, ill-informed and very often wide of the mark.

Tomorrow, Milton Keynes Gallery unveils the new exhibition that will see it through to the end of June.

Gareth Jones has chosen to return to some of his earlier projects for his first major solo exhibition in a UK gallery. But what makes this particular display all the more interesting is Jones has chosen to filter those projects through his experience of growing up in Milton Keynes.

Now London-based, Gareth sees our home as ‘the most ambitious social project of its kind in the UK, a benchmark for Modernistic architecture, progressive town planning and the radical ideas of the 1960s and 1970s.’

Features of his creativity include a trio of interconnected installations, a talks programme and a film spanning the 50 year period from 1944 which spawned the welfare state and the birth of this town.

The show will see Jones ‘test the fetishistic or iconic status of materials...while playing with the modular and serial construction techniques that inform the city’s famous design.’

But don’t let the sometime confusing text put you off... Art is for all and need not be a difficulty to grasp.

Let your eyes do the walking and compare Gareth’s creatively arranged opinions with your own.

In Stony Stratford, the Stani Gallery presents Madness & Fools through to the end of April.

As always, the High Street base is awash with a fine turn of differing media and pieces, including this rather fabulous pencil drawing, above, by Leroy Phipps a new exhibitor to Stani...

At artworks-mk, the 21st anniversary of the art of basket making in the new city is being celebrated with the exhibition Made in the Hedgerow.

Annually, with the assistance of the Parks Trust, a group of city folks collect willows and hedgerow material from our parks and transform nature’s harvest into beautiful baskets.

Locally sourced, locally crafted and a real joy to own.

The exhibition ‘weaves’ its way through to next Wednesday at 1pm.

Pop in daily between 10am and 4pm or on Saturday, 10am to 1pm.

And if you are looking for a new centrepiece, remember the cash...