Bob’s artwork draws a blank at Castle Galleries

Bob Dylan art work
Bob Dylan art work
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THE press release calls him a ‘cultural icon’, and for once, this isn’t pr spin, writes Sammy Jones.

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has inspired and connected with millions of people around the globe, but while his songs are universally known, right now his artwork is turning plenty of heads too.

His creations are back for a second show at Castle Galleries in thecentre:mk from Saturday.

Dylan won’t be in attendence mind you, instead he will be in Thackerville, Oklahoma, playing live at the Winstar World Casino!

2011 is a landmark year for the American ace.

He celebrated his 70th birthday in May, and this year alone has seen the publication on four books of his life.

Celebrated producer and director Martin Scorsese: “Bob is ageless because he keeps turning new corners, beating down new paths, redefining himself and his art as he goes.”

This collection of work, titled The Drawn Blank Series 2011, comprises eight images.

Limited to 295 copies worldwide, the prints have been signed by Dylan’s hand too.

Prices won’t suit every pocket of course, with a starting fee of £1500, but you can still own the visual form with a hardback book accompanying the series priced at just under forty pounds.

When Dylan’s deliveries last showed at the exhibition space in Acorn Walk, pieces flew out the door.

Expect the same this time.

“Via Dylan’s portraits of solitary figures caught in the moment, streets devoid of traffic and unoccupied yet fully furnished rooms, we get a rare chance to look through the very same lens as Dylan as he focuses on the world as he sees it,” says author Sid Griffin.

“The art gives a tantalising glimpse into the mind set of a famously restless artistic soul.”