Emotive, provoking show at UCMK

Thought-provoking - Ben Hodson's exhibition
Thought-provoking - Ben Hodson's exhibition

LUTON-based artist and photographer Ben Hodson has his work on display at UCMK Gallery until the month end.

Iraq: Amna Suraka is a collection of pictures taken by Ben while he was in the ravaged country.

There are three main parts of the show – a collection of portraits, showing the beauty and dignity in the Iraqi people, and a series of large format print showing the inside of Amna Suraka, a horrifying place where torture, rape and death were a daily occurance.

The third is a video installation created in one of the cells from Amna Suraka.

“I went looking to explore the story of the Iraq still unseen; to engage with the lives, questions and challenges the media has been ignoring,” Ben explains.

“Though I wanted to tell their story, I soon realised that I could not do this as well as the Iraqi people themselves.”

View the results of his most challenging trip at University Centre, Silbury Boulevard.

Call MK 688222 for opening hours and further information.