Exhibition closure is ‘sad’ for family

The granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill admitted she doesn’t understand why Bletchley Park is closing the Churchill exhibition.

Celia Sandys was in Milton Keynes on Wednesday with friend and ‘Churchilliana’ collector Jack Darrah, whose items are currently on display at Station X.

Celia Sandys and Jack Darrah

Celia Sandys and Jack Darrah

In March, the Citizen revealed that the Churchill exhibition, made up of some of Mr Darrah’s 3,000-plus piece collection, could no longer be accommodated within Bletchley Park.

Ms Sandys said: “I’m quite sad about it and I don’t really know all the details behind it.

“It was a wonderful opportunity, and apart from having the exhibition, it was a completely different viewpoint and it was something people really valued.

“I’m sure they have their reasons, but I haven’t yet understood them.”

Ms Sandys was in Milton Keynes to pay tribute to Mr Darrah and his collection.

He said: “I don’t know how big it is – I challenge people to count it. People have guessed at around 3,000 pieces.

“My first piece was a first edition copy of his only novel ‘Savrola’ and it’s still at home.”