Glamour in the Greene Room

The Resident Dollz - your hosts at The Greene Room
The Resident Dollz - your hosts at The Greene Room

IF you feel a tad let down when a new club opens in the city to big promises of ‘bringing a new experience’ to the fore, but then trots out the usual RnB and dance soundtracks against a slew of cheap drinky-poops, The Greene Room might be your saviour.

The Theatre District located venue promises the ‘forbidden glamour of a bygone era.’

All tickets for this evening’s big launch bash have been snapped up, but this isn’t about a showstopping start and then that flat feeling – The Greene Room is promising class every night of the week.

Live entertainment, dancers, Burlesque, music, film and comedy will be the norm, not the exception.

The venue is all seated, so there will be no need to jostle barside in an attempt to get a decent viewing space, either.

The design is decidedly contemporary and luxurious and VIP guests will gain access to Room 21, which even has a separate entrance.

“This is what Milton Keynes has been waiting for, something different, something for all ages, somewhere you can enjoy a night out with smaller or larger groups,” said general manager Lucy Herlihy.

Professional dancers The Resident Dollz, that’s them on the right, will welcome customers before giving stage performances.

To book for a truly fresh night out go online and pay a visit to