Milton Keynes author creates book about eight-year-old boy with special chamelon powers


A family teaching duo believe have created a new children’s book about a eight-year-old boy with special chameleon powers.

Christine Tennent has written Horace Burp, Lizard Boy with illustrations from her son-in-law Rob Overend.

The book, which is dyslexia-friendly and written for children aged 6-9, tells the story of Horace Burp, who enjoys a series of adventures after discovering he can change colour according to his mood.

Christine, who lives in Milton Keynes and worked for many years at the Open University, said: “The book is about Horace Burp, who is an eight-year-old boy coping with school bullies, embarrassing parents, a dead goldfish and a dog with pizza-problems.

“One day he starts to change colour according to different moods. Horace’s chameleon powers come in handy in a series of hilarious adventures as he discovers that being different is actually pretty cool.

“I worked on the book with my son-in-law as illustrator. He is a former cartoonist who is now a school teacher in Oxford.”

Christine and Rob will be at the Stony Stratford Library for a launch and book signing on Saturday, October 25, from 11am-12.30pm.

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