Pioneering Trevor shares his artistic-aid

A real page-turner...
A real page-turner...

AROUND the pubs of Stony Stratford and across the wider city of Milton Keynes, some of you will know Trevor Jeavons as a bit of a piano player.

But his artistic flair doesn’t begin and end there.

His day job has been working with art therapy.

For many years Trevor has used art in his experience of work with unhappy youngsters, becoming a leading light on the subject in the process.

Trevor, who trained alongside the highly influential 60s artist David Hockney, has now added another string to his bow, and published a book on his work, and his findings.

The resulting read, Healing Art & Young People, has been causing something of a commotion in its particular field, too.

Dr Janet Dubowski, Head of Subject for Psychological Therapies at London’s School of Human and Life Sciences, known her stuff, as you might imagine.

Here’s her glowing praise of the man, and his delivery.

“Trevor Jeavons is truly one of the pioneers in the development of Art Therapy as a profession.

“He was one of the first qualified Art Therapists to work in the area of special needs education, contributing to both research and practice in the field,” she said.

“His years of experience and wisdom have found a distillation in this book.

‘I hope that the reader will be inspired by what it contains in the way that the profession has been inspired through Trevor’s life long contribution,” she added.

This evening, between 6 and 8pm, Trevor will be at Stony Stratford’s High Street located Stani Gallery, where he is holding the official launch for the book – and everyone is welcome to pop along, meet the author and investigate the read for yourselves.

Following tonight’s event, Trevor will head home and pack his suitcase for a return to Trondheim in Norway, where he will give six days of lectures on the subject.

When he is back on new city soil, you will find him at Stony watering hole The Fox & Hounds on a Tuesday evening.

The chap will also issue a new CD in May.

GO! will keep you posted...