Pushwagner exhibition to open next Thursday

The Pushwagner mouth
The Pushwagner mouth

A GIANT mouth advertising the work of visionary artist Hariton Pushwagner has been constructed on the side of Milton Keynes Gallery.

The gallery is set to host Pushwagner:Soft City, the first solo exhibition outside Norway by a man dubbed the modern day Edvard Munch, between June 28 and September 2.

Since the recent discovery of his work, Pushwagner – born in Oslo in 1940 – has become a celebrity in his homeland appearing in newspaper headlines and on television talk shows.

Renowned for his homelessness and hedonism he quickly drew comparisons with Munch.

Pushwagner’s defining creation is the graphic ‘Soft City,’ a satire of capitalism and life in a modern metropolis, produced intermittently in Oslo and London between 1969 and 1976.

MK Gallery will be showing a tightly focused presentation of Pushwagner’s early work in three distinct groupings: Soft City; Family of Man and Apocalypse Frieze.

The enormous Pop Art inspired mouth takes the form of a mural surrounding the gallery entrance. Visitors will have to step onto its projecting tongue – due to be added next Wednesday – and enter the cavernous mouth to reach the exhibition beyond.

The exhibition will then launch on Thursday.

Admission will be free.

> A trailer for a Norwegian documentary film, ‘Pushwagner’, by Even Benestad and August B. Hanssen can be seen on YouTube