The battle for Bardic status has been won!

The Bard of Stony Stratford - Ian Freemantle
The Bard of Stony Stratford - Ian Freemantle

IN an era when the town is fighting a battle to keep its library open, it has perhaps just gained an important ally, writes Sammy Jones

The first ever Bard of Stony Stratford was appointed at a special event at the tail end of January.

The role is now officially recognised as a civic position by the Town Council too.

The Bard competition supported the annual literary festival, Stony Words, which gives the town a nice start to the new year. Participants faced a judging panel and a live audience in their battle for Bard-ness, and despite fierce competition from Danni Antagonist, Stephen Hobbs, Hilary Coley and Richard Frost, Ian Freemantle won out at the Bardic Trials.

He will now enjoy a 12 month reign requiring him to make special appearances and to perform at community events and festivals, write verses to celebrate local occurrences and represent the interests of the town.

The Scribal Gathering hosted the event which was a special Spoken Word affair, but business gets back to normal next month for SG –if you want to investigate the open mic music and poetry club, the date to put in the diary is March 8.

Those of you looking to share your music, prose or ramblings before an audience, won’t find a more encouraging mob than the Scribal Crew, irrespective of genre, style or level of experience.

So, the battle is now over and the work must begin for Ian.

GO! wishes him a productive, prose ridden 2011.