The proper art of making a brew

The new city has a trio of new exhibitions to let your eyes soak up this week, and they are as colourful as they are varied.

Check out this little lot....

AIM Gallery opens its latest assembly to the public tomorrow morning.

Blossom – which runs through to April 19, is a selection of pieces by professionally established animators, illustrators and crafters, both from the local area and those who have come from the further reaches of the UK to partake.

Treeghost (far right) is one of the pieces on display. If we had pennies enough, we would snap that up for our own abode.

Suzie Kent ran the recent animation workshops at the gallery, and she is at the helm of this show too.

“We will be exploring the even finer border between digital and handmade art, as well as presenting pieces that offer an insight into the creative processes involved in producing time-based art,” a spokesman told GO!

The Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.

Find it opposite Waitrose on the outside of the centre:mk

At Castle Gallery, rare, signed prints by world-famous artist Alexander Millar will be unveiled.

The talent who created the iconic ‘Gadgie’, the celebrated image of the working man, has a limited edition of six signed prints that will be on display for two months, from Saturday.

Millar’s work portrays the lives and struggles of the working man, but though Gadgie is inspired by the steel workers, ship workers and miners of the North East, Millar believes his work has a universal resonance.

“Their lives and loves, trials and tribulation, hopes and dreams are laid out before you on the canvas,” said Millar.

In MK Gallery’s Project Space, Festive Road is making time for tea by putting their award-winning costumes on display.

The ambitious three-year carnival arts project Brewing Up explores the perfect qualities, the right conditions and the many traditions that surround our nation’s great tea drinking obsession.

They’ve already dazzled at previous performances, but this year the props will be decidedly more elaborate and the dancers and musicians will build their style with regular rehearsals.

After all, they have a forthcoming tour in 2012 to coincide with the London Olympics to deliver at.

It doesn’t get much bigger than that!

The exhibitions of costumes and photographs will remain on display at the great space through to April 3.

If you would like to get involved in the project email

Otherwise, pop in and work up a thirst !