Family events in and around MK - your guide to the week ahead

Help Mr Bloom and his Veggies get the nursery ready for a very special occasion
Help Mr Bloom and his Veggies get the nursery ready for a very special occasion

From fun with Mr Bloom to the world of secrecy and security, there's plenty to keep youngsters busy around Milton Keynes...


Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Saturday, 11am and 2pm

Take your tiddlers to join Mr Bloom and the Veggies on their first ever live tour. Mr Bloom and his Veggies are getting the nursery ready for a very special occasion – a member of the Royal Family is paying them visit. Can you help them get the allotment ready in time? Featuring all the much-loved elements of the TV show, Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) will be joined by all his friends, including the lovable Wee MacGregors, and not forgetting his trusty machine, the Compostarium.


Woburn Safari Park, Saturday

The Gruffalo will be visiting Woburn Safari Park for the first time this year on Saturday.

Following a wild adventure on the Road Safari, families can head down to the decking of the Mammoth Play Ark in the Foot Safari to see The Gruffalo at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm 2.30pm and 3.30pm.


Bletchley Park, until 2020

This exhibition, sponsored by Intel Security, has been upgraded with improved interactive and audio experiences. Drawing a link with the data processing that happened in Block C during WW2 and the ever-evolving cyber threat, the display will teach visitors how to safely navigate cyberspace.


The Core at Corby Cube, Wednesday March 8, 1.30pm

Second Hand Dance bring a mountain of clothes to The Core at Corby Cube in Getting Dressed, a celebration of dance for ages four and upwards.

The new show invites audiences to be as creative as they can with the clothes they wear. Getting dressed will never be the same again.


Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Second Space, Saturday 12.45pm

Take your little ones aged three to seven along to a show-related Mr Bloom’s Nursery-themed family workshop, filled with games, storytelling and activities for the family to enjoy.

Price £4 per person. Participants must be accompanied by an adult.