Another Year, but not just another film

Another Year...another exceptional Mike Leigh delivery
Another Year...another exceptional Mike Leigh delivery
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MIKE Leigh’s gritty, observational drama Another Year is a dream of a delivery.

Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen are superb as happily married couple Tom and Gerri, who have life all dialled in– satisfying jobs, a healthy relationship and general contentment.

Gerri’s work colleague Mary (played so fabulously by Lesley Manville) is lonely, fidgety, a tad eccentric and desperately seeking someone to share her life with.

To fill the gap, Mary finds her friendship in liquid form, and by the time the credits roll, you will feel terrible sorry for Mary and her desperation.

But she isn’t the only person bereft of happiness that you will be introduced to in this most endearing, often bleak but always engrossing British drama.

A provoking, emotive success, Another Year is a seasonal charge from one our best directors and a simply knockout cast.

A smash of exceptional quality with the usual Leigh attention to detail.

>Another Year is out to buy now on DVD.