Enjoy great films in the great outdoors


IT’S a case of big screen action in the great outdoors this weekend, when the Parks Trust bring a truckload of classic films to Campbell Park.

We don’t need the sun to shine on TV (thanks A-ha), but if it could beam down on the large screen for us, that’d be just fab!

Things get underway with the arrival of Ghostbusters tomorrow night, and it’s a drive-in spectacular.

Join Marshmallow Man, Vigo and our favourite, Slimer in this ghoulish comedy with the Ray Parker theme tune, which in recent years has been hijacked by those too-annoying-for-words 118 ads.


Admission is £10 per car, with no more than four occupants allowed.

You can leave the car at home for the rest of the weekend (or pop it in the car park close by) though, but you will need to remember the picnic blanket, and woollies (just in case of a chill).

As for the schedule?

First up on Saturday lunchtime, Avatar, the James Cameron directed sci-fi phenomenon will roll at 1pm.

At 4pm, more sci-fi features, but with the oh-so-cute E.T.

It is actually 30 years ago that the engaging tale of a stranded extra-terrestrial and a lonely little boy first hit the screens.

And it still makes our eyes turn wet!

If you want to make Saturday a full day of film fun, it’s a 7pm start.

When Doc Brown sends Marty McFly back in time to 1955, Marty has to make sure that his parents meet and fall in love with each other so he can do as the title suggests, and get Back to the Future.

Round-eyes might nearly turn square, but so long as you get to bed at a reasonable time you will be up and raring to go again on Sunday...which is just as well, because The Parks Trust have another triple-treat lined-up.

At 1pm, the secret life of toys is laid bare in the modern classic, Toy Story.

Woody the cowboy and fancy spaceman Buzz Lightyear don’t quite hit it off as pals.

Woody is concerned that Buzz has taken his position as a little boy’s favourite toy.

When both toys end up lost, they have to make a mad dash to get back to their friend Andy before he moves house...

At 4pm, girl meets vampire in Twilight, the love story of Bella and Edward that has enchanted many a teenager.

Then at 7pm, a real piece of classic cinematic history airs, in the Rodgers & Hammerstein scored South Pacific.

You want big songs? You got it.

Lot’s of them: There Is Nothing Like A Dame, I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair, Younger Than Springtime and Happy Talk are among the pile of plenty.

All you need do is pack the popcorn and go have yourselves a nice time.

You won’t even have to suffer the annoying person rustling sweet wrappers next to you. Brilliant.