Sneak preview of the new Odeon in Milton Keynes

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The new Odeon cinema opens in Milton Keynes next week - and the Citizen was there for a sneak preview.

Ben Raza and Olga Norford were given a tour of the state-of-the-art 11 screen cinema in MK1.

Mike Bradbury, Odeon’s head of cinema technology who heads the cinema technology at around 220 cinemas across the UK and Europe, gave us the tour.

The 11 screens include two IMAX screens, which are ten-and-a-half metres by 18-and-a-half metres, and resolution which Mike describes as “pin-sharp”.

Each auditorium also features exclusive Gallery areas with tabled seating and tickets that include unlimited drinks and snacks.

Two of the screens also have Dolby Atmos sound systems, which feature 45 speakers dotted throughout the auditorium from front to back and along two rows on the ceiling, plus eight sub-woofers, rather than the standard seven speaker and one sub-woofer.

Mike, who has worked with the company for 20 years, said: “Atmos is something which really works for the big blockbusters films, like The Avengers or the new Jurassic Park film.

“You can have one noise moving across each speaker through the room and above you, making it a really immersive experience.

“A lot of the Pixar and Disney animated films are very good at pushing the boundaries of sound too.

“These are only the 15th and 16th Atmos screens in the whole of the UK, so we’re really pushing the boat out by having two of them here.”

Warming to his theme, Mike is also a big fan of the IMAX experience in cinemas.

He added: “Some films are shot or part-shot in IMAX, especially for action sequences.

“Christopher Nolan is a big fan, so he used it for some scenes in the Batman series. There’s also IMAX sequences in the new Star Wars film, the new Indiana Jones, and in Mission Impossible 4.

“Certain films will be screened twice for IMAX in specific scenes, like Prometheus or the Bond film Skyfall. There’s a definite difference in sound too, and we have huge surround speakers in the corner as well as immensely big sub-woofers behind the screen.”