Superhero with adamantium-laced bones and regenerative healing powers goes on holiday in Milton Keynes


Wolverine has gone on holiday in Milton Keynes.

Hugh Jackman, the Hollywood superstar best known for playing X-Man Wolverine, has been taking a break from fighting evil-doers while he goes on a break at Centre Parcs Woburn

Fellow visitors at the holiday village described Jackman as a “gent” as he queued politely for the water slide “like any other human being”.

Staff and visitors alike at the new Centre Parcs at Woburn Forest were delighted that the Hollywood A-lister, who has been filming in Cardington, chose Milton Keynes ahead of Bali for a well-earned break.

Academy award-nominated Hugh has been quoted as saying: “The secret to modern life is finding the measure in time management. I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples.”

A Spokesman for the new Centre Parcs Woburn, which has been sold out during the summer, told the Citizen: “We don’t disclose details on any individuals who choose to use our facilities.”