Fired up puppetry

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Last year, the Dark Knight burned to the ground as Gwynhaf the Dragon emerged from the ashes.

This week the fiery saga continues under the illuminating guise of the Paraffinalia, courtesy of the clever folks at Festive Road, who promise to warm the darkest, coldest of winter evenings with an inspired event at Campbell Park.

Saturday’s Paraffinalia spectacular will welcome you from 5.30pm so there will be plenty of time to warm yourselves around the braziers and tuck into some yummy hot food before the fire performers get busy at 6pm.

A parade of lanterns made by local children will follow, led by Festive Road’s own cycle-powered triceratops, Hilary.

She’s the last herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur still standing, and is nowhere near as scary as you might imagine. On the contrary, she is a gigantic pussycat in disguise!

The main performance begins at 7.30pm with a half hour performance featuring the return of the Dark Knight, a shadow puppet show – with a giant illuminated puppet – live music and plenty more fiery effects.

“Come and watch us reawaken Gywnhaf the Dragon and chase the chaos of the year back to the other side,” invite organisers.

Only brave, fiery, fun-loving sorts need apply.

Entry is free, but do take a little cash along to throw into the buckets – Festive Road are collecting for Leo’s Appeal, raising much needed funds for the children’s wards at Milton Keynes Hospital.

> Graphic designer Mike Spike has a new image to share with you, and Planet Milton Keynes shows our home, albeit in an altogether roundabout way...

The new city resident has taken huge numbers of our landmark buildings, popular places and transport systems and crammed them together in one fabulously fussy vision.

“...Ways to get around, buildings old and new, visual references to art, sport, beliefs, recreation and history, it’s all here,” Mike promises, “Some familiar, and some more obscure.”

And the familiar sights aren’t limited to the heart of the new city – focus your peeps and you’ll see places in Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell and Bletchley, the four corners that preceded the new city’s arrival.

The limited edition signed print is only available from the ARTfull Gallery in thecentre:mk