Fright-fully good fun at Gullivers this Halloween

Halloween at Gullivers MK
Halloween at Gullivers MK

Fancy a spook-tacular time this Halloween half term?

Then you’ll be missing a trick, and a real treat, if you don’t check out Gullivers Land in Milton Keynes.

With my children (aged 7 and 9) rather too young for the excellent scare park The Howl at Mead Open Farm down the road in Great Billington, we thought we’d try something which wouldn’t give them too many nightmares instead.

We’ve been to Gullivers a handful of times over the years, so on this visit we tried out all the old favourites such as the Log Flume, Drop Tower, The Python rollercoaster, as well several new additions such as Twist ‘n’ Joust and the excellent Jungle Falls.

However the fun was cranked up to another level thanks to the Swizzels Trick and Treat Trail.

Never mind the rides, the children insisted that their first mission was to dash around to the various locations to find the challenges to earn them Double Lollies, Fizzers and other such sweet treats.

The Spider’s Lair, Gruesome Graveyard, Scare School, Witches Cauldren and Pumpkin Crafty Corner were a great addition to the usual entertainment.

Added to the mix were the live actors dressed as zombies, devils, witches and the like, who were roaming around the park, some operating rides and others even offering up an extra surprise or two on the rides themselves.

And Gullivers had really gone to town on decorating the whole site with Halloween props, with gravestones, pumpkin scarecrows, the undead, bats, and enough cobwebs to give Kim and Aggie nightmares for months!

If that sounds like your cup of witch’s brew, then visitors are encouraged to come along in their hauntingly horrific Halloween costumes, with prizes for the best and most original.

If you’ve got older children who are thinking the scares have been a little too tame for their liking then put their nerves of steel to the test, with the super-scary extra attraction The Fear Farm from 5pm daily until October 30. Something has gone very wrong in mad scientist Dr Spremic’s unauthorised genetics lab and now his vile victims are on the loose. With terror in the treetops and something loathsome lurking on the Lost Island, a horrific harvest awaits.

Don’t forget Fantastic Fireworks will be lighting up the night sky too on October 31.

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