Game, set and match to funnyman Paul

Pual Ricketts - up for a laugh!
Pual Ricketts - up for a laugh!

READY yourselves for a funny fest that will bring respite from the festive fraught that is digging in its heels – it’s That Time of the Month again!

The Newport Pagnell based comedy sessions are growing in stature and attracting some neat performers to boot. Check out Sunday’s main man Paul Ricketts, for example.

He is so funny he doesn’t mind holding the England flag aloft...yes, some of us still remember their woeful deliveries this past summer!

To be fair, Paul has a background that is thick with potential laughter.

After in, in his time he has worked as a bird-scarer, chimney sweep, musician, playwright, stage hand and primary school teacher before turning to stand-up on the advice of his therapist...

His intelligent take on the funny stuff foscuses on his sharp observations from life, and from racial, cultural and satirical subjects. And not forgetting a fair sprinkling of bog-standard madness.

Ticket prices for Sunday’s show at The Cannon in Newport Pagnell aren’t funny, but they will make you smile, coming in at just £2 a pop.

Who says Monday morning should be all about the drear? Warm up for the new week with a fit of the giggles.

More meat will be put on the bones of the event with not one, not two but three other rising talents set to reach for the microphone ahead of Paul.

Doors open at 7pm.