Get your skates on to see Robin Cousins’ new show

Robin Cousins' new show Ice arrives at Milton Keynes Theatre
Robin Cousins' new show Ice arrives at Milton Keynes Theatre

An idea that was in the planning for more than 30 years has allowed an Olympic champion to hand-pick the world’s greatest skaters and redefine ice skating for a new generation for his latest production.

Robin Cousins’ Ice - The Skating Stage Experience is arriving at Milton Keynes Theatre on Thursday and far from skating on thin ice with the critics, Robin’s show has seen rave reviews since its launch.

The head judge on ITV’s Dancing on Ice said: “The exciting thing for me is that the show brings ice skating into a very intimate space.

“I know Milton Keynes Theatre well, I have played there a few times myself, and there it will be slightly bigger than in other places and will play out really well there.

“You just have to be conscious of the choreography and make it work exactly as needed for the music and requirements at hand.

“What we do on stage is nothing like the arena. It needs that proximity so the audience can see the faces and make that connection.

“Part of the fun for me is that whether you’ve been watching the Olympics last month in Sochi or even Dancing on Ice, skating covers a lot of gamut and can work in many different ways.

“This is another way of taking all the elements you will have seen and putting them in one space.”