Help yourself to a load of Charlie

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Stantonbury Theatre presents Adam Long’s Dickens Abridged this Saturday evening.

Four Dickens obsessed dudes from California bring hundreds of the great author’s best-loved characters to life in 90 minutes of madcap Dickensian musical mayhem – and it’s perfect for everyone aged 12 years and above.

Dovetailing his greatest hits with the bizarre-but-true story of Charles Dicken’s own life, including his complicated romantic entanglements and his inexplicable enthusiasm for performing the bludgeoning scene from Oliver Twist over and over again.

This is a singing, dancing love-letter to the life and works of the great’s Dickens, sure, but unlike anything you have seen before.

Aside from driving you round the Twist (if you seen what we mean), your high speed comic journey will whizz through Great Expectations (yep, the flaming bride will figure), David Copperfield, Bleak House (in less than 60 seconds), A Tale of Two Cities (mind the guillotine), Nickolas Nickleby and A Christmas Carol.

Tickets are £16.50 , a small fee for such a colossal piece of work.

Book now on 01908 324466 or visit