It will bee a really buzzy event!

Bee 1
Bee 1

WASPS might be pesky, angry little devils, but it is a misconception that bees are the same.

Actually, our fluffy little flower dancers are essential to gardens, playing an important role in pollinating flowering plants.

But in recent years the species has struggled.

On Saturday, The Parks Trust will be holding another of its Nutty About Nature courses, and this short session for adults focuses solely on the flighty creatures.

If you want to know what you neede to help look after bees, you’ll get all the advice you need at this event.

Participants will meet in the car park off Merlewood Drive, V2 Tattenhoe Street, Shenley Wood, for the event in Westbury Farm.

The course will run for five hours from 10am and pre-booking is essential.

Partaking will set you back just £10.

>If you fancy a learing the art of orienteering, Loughton Valley Park should be your destination on Sunday.

Give the Parks Trust bookings team a call on MK 255379 for either event.