Milton Keynes student in the running for a national publishing award

It’s a cover up – MK student’s book design for anti-establishment exposé puts him in the running for national award

Friday, 24th May 2019, 2:50 pm
Toby Clarke

The cover of a bestselling book which exposes the power of the UK establishment has been redesigned by Milton Keynes student Toby Clarke – and his work has been shortlisted for a prestigious prize.

The University of Northampton Graphic Communication undergraduate has reached the finals of the Penguin Random House Design Award 2019 after coming up with an inspired new cover design for Owen Jones’ bestseller, The Establishment and How They Get Away With It.

Toby, who comes from Wolverton, Milton Keynes, produced a cover in the style of an official 10 Downing Street letter, with heavy blocks of redacted text. He’s also doctored a coat of arms at the top of the cover to include the words ‘Money’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Power’.

Toby Clarke

He said: “My design is inspired by the censorship Jones talks about in his book, and I deliberately made the redacted text resemble a brick wall, to signify the barriers the establishment put up to protect their interests. The coat of arms is pretty self-explanatory.

"This was the first idea that came into my head as I read the book, and the one I rolled with. I’m pleased to be shortlisted for the prize, but it’s not really sunk in yet – I’m sure it will become more real at the awards ceremony.”

Winners of the Penguin Random House Design Award 2019 will be announced at a special ceremony in London, on Wednesday June 19.

The winner of each category will win a work placement within the Penguin Random House Design Studios as well as £1,000 in prize money. The winners of the second prize in each category will receive a £500 cash prize and the winners of the third prize in each category will receive a £350.

Book cover