More tea, Vicar?

Dad's Army has enjoyed a resurgence in 2016 with the release of the big screen film of course, but really, you can't beat the original small screen series, can you?

Friday, 15th April 2016, 3:38 pm
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 3:40 pm
Dad's Army

It’s up there in the very top tier of classics among classics, and this week Olney welcomes a star of the show, when Frank Williams comes to town.

Frank famously played the eccentric, tetchy vicar in the show, who was struggling to deal with the elderly platoon’s invasion of his beloved town hall.

Now 85 years young, Frank’s career has been littered with other television and film roles, but he says Dad’s Army is in its own league.

“It’s been simply wonderful to be part of something so special,” he said. “Being part of Dad’s Army is hard to beat.”

The show, More Tea Vicar?, will be hosted at The Carlton House Club, with author and entertainer Chris Gidney in the role of presenter.

“Everybody loves Dad’s Army,” he says. “Even after 40 years the series continues to pull huge viewing figures... it also bridges the age gap like no other. People of all ages also love the live show because it is very interactive.

“We invite the audience to be a part of it and they can ask questions. Frank is a master at describing the most hilarious off-screen stories about the TV series and films.”

And yet, More Tea, Vicar? doesn’t only concern itself with Captain Mainwaring, Lance Corporal Jones and co.

After all, Frank has more than half a century of working in entertainment. He has worked with Tommy Cooper, Harry Worth, Dick Emery and Morecombe & Wise and figures in more than 30 films – including three with the wonderful Norman Wisdom.

Naturally he has accumulated plenty of stories to share with you.

“Like the time we were filming an episode of Dad’s Army and nearly got flattened by a runaway steam train, or when I watched myself on live TV being operated on in Emergency Ward 10 in the comfort of my own home,” he says.

More Tea Vicar? Will entertain and raise the smiles from 4pm on Sunday.

To book tickets, call 01234 241357.