A Million Chameleons issue debut album

A Million Chameleons - Yours to investigate
A Million Chameleons - Yours to investigate
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NEW releases are coming thick and fast at the moment, and you’ll not hear us complaining about the creative talents of our new city breed.

Chief Engineer of a Sprained Science is the debut album by Newportonian Dan Haycock, working under the guise of A Million Chameleons on this project.

He sees the eight track opus as ‘a blend of glitch, breakbeat and psytrance,’ and noted influence has been taken from artists including Jega, Venetian Snares and Squarepusher.

Currently the opus is yours for the taking from iTunes, Amazon, Napster and eMusic.

It is also available for streaming through Spotify.

“I started creating electronic music about a decade ago,” says Dan, or Chameleon, you decide.

“Originally it was experimental electronic noise, which gradually became more musical as I went on.

“A Million Chameleons is my first attempt to bring breakbeats into my music, in an effort to up the tempo and feed in some of the energy that artists like Pendulum or The Qemists have in their tracks.”

All round creative Dan has also worked his magic in art, logo and paintings, and now he’s going literary too – and is working on a book on psychology...

You’ll have a job to keep up with this fella.

We suggest you hit the keyboard and visit www.danhaycock.co.uk