ALBUM REVIEW: Hugh Laurie - Didn’t It Rain

Hugh Laurie: 'Real music...'
Hugh Laurie: 'Real music...'

This is Hugh Laurie’s second take on American music, his first being the Let ‘em Talk album.

Once again we find him surrounded by some of his favourite musicians and friends, namely The Copper Bottom Band, on a record bringing the familiar producing skilss of Joe Henry to the table, with Ryan Freeland in charge of mixing and recording, writes Nick Jones.

The St Louis Blues, a tune well over a century old, opens this package which moves through the history of some of the early and slightly more recent music to shape generations (as opposed to the ‘who are you? forgotton stew of today).

Didn’t It Rain is an outing giving you another slant on down home jazz and blues across the ages.

Listening to this selection, you are taken into a hustling bar room, soaking up the atmosphere of good times and broken hearts.

Life itself.

Guest vocals are delivered by Jean McCain on Send Me To the Lectric Chair and Jelly Roll Morton’s I Hate a Man Like You, Taj Mahal gives us Vickburg Blues and Gaby Moreno sings Kiss of Fire, Junkers Blues and Weed Smokers Dream.

Dr John and Bobby Charles’ Wild Honey is here too, along with Careless Love and One For My Baby - this latter number is more associated with Sinatra, but fits perfectly.

If you want real music by real musicians, this is the tonic for you.

The band have British dates in June, including Oxford and London.

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