Apple Shift Seven hit return for new album

A severe case of square's Apple Shift Seven
A severe case of square's Apple Shift Seven

THEY had a small setback at the end of last year, which halted the release of the album by a few weeks, but now post-punk new -wave three piece Apple Shift Seven have their album (and their heads) all boxed up.

Proving that the ‘all good things come to those who wait’ saying really is true.

Diseasy Living is in the stores (and naturally available through iTunes, Amazon and the like for download.) as you read this.

It’s early days so far as the opus is concerned, but the lads are already going great guns on the press side – Music bible Mojo is one of those digging the style.

Do not place into your trusty CD player expecting to hear frustrated, angst-ridden ranting though.

Apple Shift Seven are all quite content as it happens.

No socio-political fury to be found here.

“We have nothing to be angry about,” bassist Grip Jigbush told City Nights.

“So this album is about silly songs with a trash-pop feel.

“It is good stuff, but not comes with a sense of humour and a desire to have fun!”

Former single Robot Love features on the opus, alongside intriguing and amusing titles like Up A Gum Tree, Bacteria Future and Things Aren’t What They’re Gonna Be

‘This is not an Oi! band,’ they promise.

‘This is The Dickies, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Graham Coxon and The Clash written by Sonic Youth and the Carry On team.’’

The mob are now chasing for some tasty live shows.

We will share the dates with you just as soon as we get them in our mitts.

Meantime, we suggest you pay a visit to to for plenty more Apple Shift Seven class.