Bar Central returns...for one night only

Bar Central Indie Night: Ready for Saturday
Bar Central Indie Night: Ready for Saturday

Roll back a little bit more than a decade to a time when The Food Centre in Central Milton Keynes was a bustling zone.

It was a place to do the weekly shop, stop off at the wine merchants or one of the other specialist units, and maybe settle back with a cup of tea before heading on your way.

Then, when the sun went down and shops pulled down their shutters, upstairs Bar Central would shake into life.

It was a haven for deck deliveries, live music moments and having a good time with your pals.

Bar Central was a cracking little club with a whopping great pulse, and punters flocked to it.

But the best part of a decade, the venue has been dark and disused.

But so what if the party can’t go to BC anymore? Those that helped ignite the scene have picked up their music and memories and are celebrating with a Bar Central Indie Night this Saturday, at The Craufurd Arms.

Bar Central DJs Scissors-Cosbie and General Lee are coming together at the Wolverton venue to take you back to the Madchester nights of the late 90s.

They’ll spin triumphant tunes by Blur and Nirvana, by Shed Seven and Oasis and Embrace and too many more to mention.

“This night is made to help you slide away to a time of Captain Rock, Flo Jo, Trish and Pop Kid...all upstanding masters of their day,” said the General.

Admission is free, and the tunes spin between 8pm and 1am.

Leave the attitude at the door, and go party like it’s 1999!