Beatdown to head up new Pitz promo

1000 Hertz - A colourful mob!
1000 Hertz - A colourful mob!

THE Pitz has offered a big fat diddly squat on the music front in recent months, but the musical drought ends this Saturday evening when Beatdown Promotions hold their debut bash at the venue.

They have picked some solid local players to kick off their new stint at the venue on a raucous tip too.

1000 Hertz will be back on the stage of old, with a firm support cast made up of RSI, This Contrast Kills (former Capdown boys Boob, Tim and Keith) and Bored of Justice.

This show has taken quite some putting together by the Beatdown mob, and there are the potential for plenty more dates like this, so do help make this one go with a bang.

Tickets to the show, which is being supported by Rock Hard Music, are a round and cheery fiver.

Doors open at 7pm.

It’ll be good to see the old venue turning up the volume once again.

READY FOR A NOISE FEST: It’s 1000 Hertz, left