Black Spiders will weave their magic at Sonisphere

Black Spiders
Black Spiders

SONISPHERE Festival has one of the hottest line-ups this summer, with Metallica, Biffy Clyro and Slipknot all bill toppers.

But further down the line-up there is plenty of terrific talent bubbling over, including Mastodon, The Answer and The Black Spiders, who play on July 9.

The Spiders recently put on a tasty show here in the Keynes, so asked front man Pete Spiby to let us in on the secrets of his record collection, and he duly obliged...

Tell us about the first album you bought

Parallel Lines by Blondie. One of my first in the bank and I love the attitude of the band.

An album that you can’t live without – and why?

Appetite for Destruction – it rules!

Every time you listen to it, especially on different systems, you hear something different, that you never heard before. There are lots of layers, which is strange because it sounds so raw and in your face.

Most embarrassing record in your collection

Music from The Elder by KISS. I’m embarrassed for them

An album you wish you’d bought, but didn’t

A first edition copy of Bleach by Nivana. Doh!

What about your favourite artist of all time? What is the attraction?

That’s between me and my monkey. Monkey gives me stuff, I take from monkey. If monkey doesn’t give me stuff, I want more. That’s how it works...

If we could grant you a wish to meet one musician or band, who would it be and why? What question would you ask them?

Black Sabbath. When are you going to stop ***ing around like a bunch of old women and do another great album?

Name a song that never fails to pick you up

I Wanna Be Sedated, by The Ramones. Ironic, eh?

And one that chills you out

I Can’t Quit You Baby, by Led Zeppelin

What was the first gig you attended

Adam and the Ants with my older sister, she sneaked me in through the backdoor staff to get in as it was an over 14s gig

Tell us about your favourite record shop or online store

Jack’s Records in Sheffield. They have the best collection of old vinyl that people don’t seem to want to keep hold of, so you can get a bargain if you are lucky and quick

You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours. Who do you choose, what do you do?

Steven Tyler. Apologise for the Led Zep thing, sort out Aerosmith, have a quick line with Joe for old times sake and get back on track, because there’s been too much messing around

Is there a new or undiscovered artist that you think we need to hear?

Plenty – TurboWolf, Pilgrim Fathers, the Hip Priests, Sons of Icarus, Tryals

Listen like Pete with his Top 10 tracks...

1 AC/DC – It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock N Roll

2 Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction

3 The Ramones – Pet Semetary

4 Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

5 Black Sabbath – Hand of Doom

6 Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

7 KISS – Rock N Roll All Night

8 Van Halen – Unchained

9 Motorhead – Motorhead

10 Lynyrd Skynrd – Freebird

Black Spiders headline the Jagermeister stage at Sonisphere on July 11.

For tickets details visit

Their debut album Sons of the North is out now.