Bright future for Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner
Johnny Foreigner

THE SNO!bar welcomes Johnny Foreigner through the doors on Sunday evening.

The trio, who sum up their own style as ‘ rock, with occasional bursts of electronica or alt-country or anything else that seems like a good idea at five in the morning...’ do have a little more to give, though.

Try frenetic guitars, urgent vocal hooks and giant noise-pop choruses...

The Birmingham-based brood shared the secret of their writing process: “We write songs about our lives and the things that occur around us.

“It’s the same dull everyday (or mostly night) that pass through everyone’s mind, only more overdramatic.”

Aside from the return of JF, split with your cash on the door and you’ll also be able to catch My First Tooth in support.

And when the live sounds are all over, DJs will turn up the volume with a plentiful parade of floor filling anthems.

It’s what you want at a price that’s right...

Go have some fun...