Coe-n have a look at Pete

Pete Coe, a musical master...
Pete Coe, a musical master...

PETE Coe has been making a noise for more than 40 years, in the nicest sense possible.

He has played his way through festival concerts, clubs, dances and schools throughout Britain, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the States.

This Friday evening, Pete is back at the Song Loft, doing what he does best – representing the backbone of the modern folk revival.

How will he do that?

With the ringing strings of his bouzouki, the sweet chords of his mountain dulcimer, the plaintive frailing banjo and the pulsing reeds of his melodeon.

Talk about getting your monies worth!

Pete sings, plays and step dances, and sometimes does the lot at once, we’ve been told: “It may be easier and quicker to list the talents that Pete Coe doesn’t have,” says Andy Kershaw.

A bit late now, eh?!

Tomorrow’s date kicks off at 8.15pm, and tickets are £7.