Cosgrove is the place to fiddle!


THE Big Fiddle Band will be in action at the Church of St Peter & Paul in Cosgrove this Friday evening,

Jenny Newman will direct the event and also perform with Andy Glass, and piano duo Roger Windmill and Ed Tomlinson will put in an appearance too.

We should say that the latest recruit to the Fiddle Band is just eight years young – which means that they officially now range in age from eight to 80!

Tickets are £5 in advance, £6 on the doors. Call MK 562252 or 566559.

>COSGROVE Village Barn Dance will roll out on Sunday, at Furtho Manor Farm.

Pack a picnic and pop along from 12.30pm.

Tickets are £7 and 3sticks are live from 2pm.

Call 07968 004 609.