CUE AND PLAY: Deborah Bonham tackles the questions

Deborah Bonham
Deborah Bonham

Deborah Bonham has just issued her new album Spirit, which has gathered widespread critical acclaim.

Take Me Down, the first single taken from the release, has spent four weeks in the top spot on the Reverbnation Rock chart.

This Thursday evening, Deborah and her band return to The Stables to show off their style and her incredible voice which has led to tours and performances with artists including Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant, Van Halen, Foreigner and Humble Pie.

But when she isn’t making the music, whose sounds does she choose to listen to?

Will there be any Led Zeppelin in there?  After all, her brother was the late Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

Which new talent does she rate, and given the chance, who would she put into the bargain bin?

Read on as Deborah tackles our Cue & Play...

Tell us about the first record you bought/downloaded

The first 7” record was The Kinks ‘All Day and All of the Night.’

The first download was an experience - I ended up downloading the same song by The Climax Blues Band seven times, ironically titled ‘Couldn’t Get It Right’

An album you can’t live without, and why

Led Zep I, II and Physical Grafitti, Joni Mitchell Court and Spark, CSNY Deja Vu, Little Feat Sailing Shoes, Steely Dan Can’t Buy a Thrill, Best of Otis Redding, I cut it down to these eight from 100s

Your favourite cheesy disc...

If it’s a great song, it’s a great song

What about your favourite artist of all time?  What’s the attraction?

Otis Redding - Sheer emotion and soul

If we could grant you a wish to meet one musician or band, who would it be and why?  What question would you ask them?

Otis Redding because there is no-one like him.  I’d ask if I could sing a duet with him!

Name a song that never fails to pick you up

Rubberband Man - The Spinners

And one that chills you out

Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell

What was the first gig you attended

Led Zeppelin at Birmingham Town Hall, 1970

Tell us about your favourite record shop or on-line store and what the appeal is

My local record store Harbour Records, Emsworth.  I love vinyl record shops and this one is just that - I love browsing through the immense amount of music

You can step into the shoes of your musical idol for 24 hours.  Who do you choose, and what would you do?

Aretha Franklin - sing Say A Little Prayer

Is there a new or undiscovered artist that you think we need to hear?  Spill the beans.

I have a guy called Steve Rodgers on tour with me at the moment as a special guest, and he is just that, very special - an amazing voice

You can banish one artist to the bargain bin.  Who do you choose?

Oh dear, I don’t know.  Probably all those that writhe around in very short skirts showing as much flesh as they can.  And that’s just the boys!

Does anyone listen to the music?

You’ve got 10 songs to soundtrack your life.  Give us the artist and the songs...

Side One:

1 Ramble On - Led Zeppelin

2 Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

3 Art for Arts Sake - 10CC

4 Take Me To The River - Al Green 

5 Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin

Side Two:

1 Carry On - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

2 Rock and Roll Doctor - Little Feat

3 I’ve Been Loving You - Otis Redding

4 Help Me - Joni Mitchell

5 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

To book tickets for Deborah’s Stables show, call MK 280800