Death Cab to Milton Keynes, please

Death Cab For Cutie
Death Cab For Cutie

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE released their long-awaited new album Codes and Keys at the end of May.

Their visit to these shores this week will be their first gigs in the UK since 2008, and the Grammy nominated band have a ready made audience of 65,000 to play before on Saturday.

How did they get the gig? And what can you expect with their set?

Bassist Nick Harmer spilled the beans to City Nights...

Tell us how you bagged the gig?

“You know those times in your life when you run into a casual friend and you both say “We should hang out sometime!” and then you never do?

Well, this was one of those opposite times where we ran into the Foos at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concert and we all said “We should play a show together sometime!” and now we actually ARE playing a show together.

“The lesson here being that some hang-out plans actually do result in hanging out.”

And just how pleased are you to be playing with Mr Grohl and the rest of the boys?

“We are all beyond excited. We have been fans of all their musical output, not just as the Foo Fighters, but in all their projects, and to be asked to play with them is an honour for us.”

Sum up your new opus Codes and Keys for those people yet to investigate it for themselves

“Thoughtful and honest.

“ Like throwing open a curtain to light a dark room.”

And if you absolutely had to pick, which one of your songs best sums up DCFC?

“Transatlanticism would be my first pick.

“I think that song captures a lot about us musically, lyrically, thematically...”