Dervish-ly good


FIRST up at The Stables this week are Stackridge. The 70s folk, pop and rock group are soon to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first single, Dora The Female Explorer.

As you might expect,Stackridge members James, Jim and Andy plan to celebrate her birthday in style!

The Wavendon performance will include a mixture of old and new tunes to get the party started.

Hugely successful guitarist Jan Akkerman, who combines a variety of music into his own style, is making an appearance tomorrow night. Jan’s talent really does transcend genres, and consequently, he has worked with musicians including BB King and Ice-T.

Talk about chalk and cheese!

On Saturday night, Woburn Sands Band are here to entertain and as always, our local favourites will perform a huge range of styles – from classical at one end to jazz and pop at t’other. There is something to tickle nearly everyone’s musical fancy.

Give the brass band the chance and lthey will prove the point.

Of course, you can pop along to a co-headlining gig featuring up-and-coming local talents.

Aspiring musicians from here in the new city, Sophie Clark and The Wondersmiths perform on Stage 2.

It’s early days, but the flair is there...

go check them direct.

One of the most admired bands in Ireland, Dervish, are to be sure to be sure, at The Stables on Sunday.

County Sligo’s Irish traditional players, above, boast energy, intricacy and subtlety.

They should bottle those traits.

With nothing going on on the first day of the new week, let’s skip to Tuesday with Mary Gauthier. Six albums on and she is back on tour with her new five-star album, The Foundling. An incredibly moving story is told throughout, making it deeply personal to Gauthier who continues to search for meaning and identity.

We’re up to Wednesday now and this sees Martin Simpson turning up with a whole load of nominations and awards under his belt. The extremely talented guitarist is continuing to have a blooming career with his one-of-a-kind style of traditional English music.

Call the box office on MK 280800.