Esquires venue escapes chop

Good news for music fans as Esquires will continue
Good news for music fans as Esquires will continue

IN the new city that we are constantly told is a ‘can do’ place, it never ceases to amaze me that we don’t have any real venues in the area to bring substantial bands to (and that is in no way a jibe to SNO!bar and the Craufurd Arms, without whom MK would have next to nothing).

But really, one pub and a bar in a skiing complex is not nearly enough.

At least there has been some good news for Bedford dwellers and visitors this week though – Esquires has been taken over, putting to bed continuing rumours that the venue was due to close.

“I couldn’t let that happen,” said Rob Butterfield, musician and businessman who has taken over the venue under the new venture, Riot Squad Music Limited.

Esquires has hosted numerous artists over the years – acts including Muse, Coldplay, Travis, Franz Ferdinand, Elbow and The Libertines.

“I can’t wait to start working alongside current managers Danny and Pete as we put Esquires on the national map,” added Rob.

For once, the future does look bright.