Five Men, but they aren’t called Matt!

Five Men, but not one Matt!
Five Men, but not one Matt!

FIVE Men Not Called Matt will be pooling their vocal talents this Friday evening, at the Song Loft in Stony Stratford.

John, Tim, Andy, Steve and Brian have been singing together for a good few years now and have amassed a repertoire capable of spanning comedy to tragedy.

Songs of toil, shanties and new compositions are all stirred into the vocal mix as the contemporary comes out to play with the decidedly traditional side.

“They will make you laugh, they will make you cry and they’ll make you want more,” said SL figure Colin Peckett.

Audience participation is welcomed.

If you do make tracks to the event happening at The Cock Hotel, you need to be aware that the humour set to spill during the set might leave some of you blushing with a few ribald jokes a given.

Show time 8.15pm, tickets £6.