Garden Season has emotional climax

Jacqui Dankworth
Jacqui Dankworth
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WAVENDON’S annual Garden Season, dedicated to jazz and easy listening genres, draws to a close this weekend, with a performance by Jacqui Dankworth.

Tickets for It Happens Quietly sold-out ages ago.

Partly because Jacqui has inherited the fabulous musical capability of her parents John and Cleo, and secondly because the concert will serve as a launch event for her new album, which Jacqui worked on with her father, before he passed away.

To that end, it has John’s genius and Jacqui’s heartfelt delivery making it a truly exceptional work, as Zombies front man Rod Argent, a long time friend of the family, appreciates.

“Hers is a voice made to sing standards,” he says in the liner notes, “And John’s writing is masterful. It has clarity, economy, constantly elegant structure and absolutely nothing of excess on it.”

As we said, the show is sold out, but the album is still to savour, and receives its offical release on August 15.

Nonetheless, this final weekend of Garden Season action does have some availability, beginning on Saturday morning with Jazz on a Summer’s Day and Lillian Boutte taking care of vocal duties, with a four-piece band bringing the necessary accompaniment, from 11.30am.

At 7.30pm, it is Gala Night with fireworks as Peter Fisher is joined by the Chamber Ensemble of London, Lorna Dallas and Jason Carr with special guest singer Simon Green.

Together they will take you from My Fair Lady to Broadway.

Tickets are £10.

On Sunday morning, Peter Fisher returns to perform a selection of the greatest works written for unaccompanied violin.

Join Peter, four strings and a bow in the garden for some delicate musical magic, from 1pm.

DOM Joly will try to make sense of some extraordinary life moments with his show Welcome To Wherever I Am, which airs at The Stables this evening.

Moments like trying to fly across the Grand Canyon strapped to an eight foot rocket, and eating from Gillian McKeith’s pants in the Australian jungle.

Rather him than us, on both counts.

Actually Dom didn’t engage us with his jungle displays.

Perhaps he will show a better side from 8pm.

Tickets are £19.50.

Orla Murphy shows up on Stage 2, when the jazz singer performs her rescheduled date.

Miss Murphy will go live this evening from 8.45pm.

The Rockschools Summer Concert is sorted for Saturday night, a sort of showcase for new talents who have worked hard under the Rockschool banner, while Sunday night is all The Rock Experience Concert and a chance for those artists who have appeared in the course in 2011 to go live.

Batacuda Sound Machine have sizzling sounds, and smash genre boundaries with a three-piece samba/reggae percussion quarter, and brazilian funk, hip-hop, reggae and Pacific soul influences.

While the dance floor jumps in the Main Auditorium, on Stage 2 Chris Jagger & Charlie Hart will deliver a taut display of blues, folk, Americana, country, zydeco, cajun and western swing.

No matter what you fancy, you’ll hear a little of it at the Wavendon venue on Tuesday, for sure.

Seeing out another week at the lively little haunt is down to Justin Townes Earle on Wednesday.

Twang and charm in large amounts from the fella who is both welcoming and serious.

Aside from his own produce (check last year’s Midnight At The Movies) he guested on the Grammy winning Townes opus by Steve Earle.

An easy collaboration to sort bearing in mind that Steve is his pa!

Get tickets by calling MK 280800.