Getting into the groove

Let's celebrate vinyl this Saturday
Let's celebrate vinyl this Saturday

WHILE downloading is a very ‘now’ thing to do, there are legions of music buyers who will still say that there is nothing like queuing up on the day of release, with a brand new vinyl disc clutched in hand .

They sound better and they look better than their smaller CD counterparts too...

And on Saturday, Record Store Day once again celebrates the beauty of the groove...

How sad that in a city the size of Milton Keynes, there is no dedicated vinyl store. But in Northampton, Spunout will be flying the flag for vinyl, and partaking in the special day.

“At Spunout, we have a great amount of customers coming from a wide surrounding area for the event,” said proprieter Chris Kent, “Record Store Day is shaping up to be one of the biggest new music events since The Mercury Prize started 20 years ago.

“Its focus on the record shop as a centre for less mainstream culture, for being a mine of information for the adventurously minded as well as being a friendly oasis on the high street away from the insensitive corporate blandness that dominates town centres is very well received by those who by all who remember so much of their childhood’s spent in one.

“And it is positively celebrated by the many who love the stores right now.”

And Spunout is akin to a little bit of the capital, almost on your doorstep.

“We are a bit like Camden under one roof,” Chris thinks, “ we sell clothes, accessories, bags, posters and cards as well as music, headphones and turntables.”

In all, 180 independent record stores across the country are taking part in Saturday’s big event, with somewhere in the region of 250 releases exclusively available on the day.

Among those set to prove a big draw, you will find 7” singles by AC/DC, Arctic Monkeys, Beach Boys and Deep Purple.

So far as albums are concerned, there will be the chance to splash the cash on releases by Foo Fighters (Medium Rare LP) and EPs are coming from Franz Ferdinand, and Kings of Leon with Holy Roller.

“I guess the greater scope for artwork, their richer sound qualities and their substantial feel (and surprisingly, the greater durability if kept well) has influenced the mystique behind record collecting,” Chris added.

“In my eyes it hasn’t been in such a healthy state as it is now, for a good few years.

“It’s just a shame that not all record shops have tapped into this interest, as it does mean a bit of a trip to their nearest participating store...”

>Spunout is located on Gold Street in Northampton.

Doors open at 9.30am on Saturday.