Hookworms come to Milton Keynes


Way back when (around the turn of the Millenium at any rate), Mad Cow Pate Promotions began offering a cool alternative to ploddy, shoddy pop and disco disease.

They delivered shoots of colour like Joe Lally and Al Duvall and our favourite Dismemberment Plan.

Those shows have been a long time gone, but from the MCP ashes comes a new proposition – Town Planners.

The first gig is this Sunday night, at Newport Pagnell’s delicious den The Watershed, with Hookworms reeling in the discerning music fan.

The Leeds makers have a new album Pearl Mystic turning heads, and NME and Drowned in Sound are among those giving the thumbs – as opposed to fingers – up.

All first run vinyl and CD copies have already sold-out, mind, so you’ll have to await the repress, which is coming.

‘Think long, long jams, grounded in head-bobbing grooves, beneath a flurry of wailing, swirling-vortex guitar-riffs and fist-in-the-air vocal yelps,’ so far as the sound-scape goes.

High demand means no tickets will be availble on the doors, but you should instead try www.wegottickets.com

You don’t only get the Hookworms for your efforts: Nottingham’s Kogumaza (‘Taking the fabled scrolls of Black Sabbath and Lungfish as their template’) and Norfampton’s Mrs Pilgrim, a singer-cellist who has made good impressions in these parts in the past are onboard.

Support this event, and in turn Town Planners will keep erm, building interest with a portfolio of crisp, alt-together brilliant artists.

>Tonight The Watershed welcomes Our Ceasing Voice,Kersten Luts and Kokomo. Tickets £5.